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May 7 | May is Military Appreciation Month

May 8, 2020

This Month, We Honor Military Caregivers

To kick off Military Caregiver Appreciation Month, we honor those who love and support our nation’s service members and veterans. Check out this week’s lineup of films that highlight the brave sacrifice that military spouses and parents make for our country.

#3 Normandy Lane – This film follows the story of Army wife and young mother Sarah Winston, whose life is inextricably altered by a series of visitors to her base housing. Shot near the famous historical base housing in Monterey, California. This film explores the difficulties and challenges of the impact of war on the families left at home and reveals the potential emotional and psychological strains through the lens of one woman’s journey. WATCH on VIMEO.

The Weight of Honor – Throughout the course of five years, The Weight of Honor follows the lives of military spouses and parents that must become caretakers for permanently wounded soldiers returning from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. This documentary film provides a voice for those often overlooked and reveals the triumphs and struggles military caretakers face as they wonder what lies ahead. ACCESS the Film.




American Veteran – Official GIFFSD 2017 selection, American Veteran follows the inspiring story of quadriplegic veteran Sgt. Nick Mendes. Upbeat, cheerful, and encouraging, the documentary follows Nick as he studies for his real estate license, casts a fishing reel with his mouth, and falls in love with a nurse he meets at a VA hospital. WATCH on Amazon Prime video.

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