Landing Home

Directed by Douglas Taurel

Cast: Douglas Taurel, J.W. Cortez, Robert C. Kirck, Stella Taurel, Ylfa Edelstein

“Landing Home” is a film that takes the audience into the mind of a combat soldier and pulls back the curtain of the lasting damage war has to our veterans and their families. Returning home for men and women in uniform can represent only the beginning of a different kind of war. Luke, an army combat veteran who served in Afghanistan, decides to leave the military and come home to be with his family. He soon realizes that this is much harder than he ever imagined. Something as simple as a birthday party for his five-year-old daughter can quickly become overwhelming and trigger his post-traumatic stress. “Landing Home” is inspired by the award-nominated off-Broadway play, “The American Soldier.” The play has been performed in over 28 cities and gives voice to veterans and military families. It is based on actual letters soldiers have sent to their loved ones from the Revolution to the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The script of “Landing Home” is created from a combination of exhaustive research and verbatim language lifted from countless interviews the director and producer have conducted with veterans and their family members.

Director and actor Douglas Taurel will be in attendance.

Award Nominations
Best Actor – Douglas Taurel
Best Narrative Starring Military or Veterans
Best First-Time Director

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Museum of Photographic Arts

May 20, 2022
7:00 pm

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