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This collection of shorts feature five films that surprise, challenge, and delight.

Some of the films in this collection deals with difficult topics such as suicide and sexual assault, which some viewers may find disturbing. Viewer discretion advised.


In this program


Directed by Aja Weary, Amanda Richardson

A man who experiences sensory overload while attempting to travel. He and his service animal are denied entry on a bus which sends him into a panic. His service animal works to get him back to his senses.

Shell Shocked film still. Close up image of man in a store. He is gazing ahead, mouth ajar.

Shell Shocked

Directed by Paula A Cajiao

After two years of unsuccessful treatment, a combat veteran suffering from “battle induced stuttering” discovers a controversial drug banned since WW2 that has the possibility to cure him.

Film Still for 335 to Boston; image of lead character, preparing for a race

3:35 to Boston

Directed by Kay Barnes

A military wife, struggling to balance all the pieces of her life, breaks down when she realizes the life she had originally planned for herself may not be possible.

American Hero Film Still, lead character at press conference. She is seated at the table, microphones in front of her. She has tears in her eyes. The American flag is behind her.

American Hero

Directed by Manny McCord

Since the day Lt. Jordan returned home, she’s been trying to get the truth out, only to find herself struggling to overcome the pressures of the military.

My Happy Place film still. Vintage photograph of a woman, smiling and waving at the camera. She is holding a child in her free arm.

My Happy Place

Directed by Devin Scott

A visual recollection of life in the 1960s filled with empathy and compassion for the characters. Inspired by a few of the producer’s true experiences.

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Museum of Photographic Arts

Fri, May 20
5:00 pm