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Actions Speak Louder Than Medals – the Royce Williams Story

Directed by John Mollison

On 18 November, 1952, Royce Williams found himself alone in an aerial duel against SEVEN superior, aggressively flown Russian MiGs. In the 38 minutes that followed, he bested at least four and just-barely brought his wounded F9F Panther back to the carrier….where he was promptly told that what had just happened “didn’t.” True to his values, Royce put the spectacular event out of his mind and continued his service, quietly, humbly — only telling his wife when informed (over FIFTY YEARS LATER) that the moment was now “unclassified.” Today, at age 95, Royce is finally (and somewhat bewildered by) the attention he deserves. But behind every great hero story is an even greater back-story proving out that the actions behind great deeds are their own reward.

About the Filmmaker

“When an old man dies, a library burns,” is an old proverb. Sad, but true. Nevertheless, it doesn’t need to happen. In fact, preserving the libraries encased within the lives of anyone who’s achieved, succeeded and thrived is an act that fireproofs the future – and it starts with asking an ‘old person’ to share their story… and if that person has happened to have been on history’s crux moments, John Mollison works to be there to listen.

Plays in

Shorts Block | Closing Night Duo

Closing Night Duo: Actions Speak Louder Than Medals with Hun Pilots

Closing night at the festival features two locally-connected films: “Actions Speak Louder Than Medals” followed by “Hun Pilots”.

Dates & Times


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Sun, May 23
4:45 pm