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Brothers in Arms

Directed by Tracie Hunter

“Brothers in Arms” tells a powerful story of hope and courage. Following WWII Combat Marine Veteran Charlie Kohler from his childhood in the Heartland to a promising major league baseball career that’s cut short by the break out of the war.

About the Filmmaker

Tracie Hunter, is a documentary filmmaker and executive producer of Emmy-Award Winning WWII Documentary – The Last Signal. The daughter of a U.S. Army officer, Tracie spent her developmental years on
military bases across the U.S. and extended time overseas. This has greatly influenced the types of stories she aims to tell through her filmmaking. Her talents have led her to several positions at major media companies over the years. After working for ABC’s “The View”, she went on to work for National Geographic, HBO, NBC and now is a full-time cinematographer and producer based in Dallas, TX. Her proudest accomplishment is founding the non-profit ‘Beyond The Call’ that is dedicated to filming and documenting the first-hand accounts of WWII veterans.

Plays in

Shorts Block | Documentaries

Shorts Block | Documentaries

This collection is for the documentary film lover. Three shorts highlight World War II heroes.

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Sun, May 23
12:00 pm