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Lead The Way

Directed by Josh Carrasquillo

As a retired United States Army Ranger, Special Forces Green Beret, and Tier 1 Assault Sergeant Major, John “Shrek” McPhee has seen the world and war like few have. In this documentary short, John travels through Ireland and France to learn about the sacrifices of the Allied Forces during World War II and the history of the United States Army Rangers and Paratroopers. The film takes place during the 75th Anniversary of D-day, in Normandy, France.

About the Filmmaker

Josh Carrasquillo is a filmmaker based out of Michigan in the United States. He is currently a Partner at Taproot Pictures and works on a variety of projects to include commercial and documentary work that “help people and brands share meaningful ideas — through film.” His work has included national recognition and awards for the film “REI Presents: 1000 Mile Dream” (2020) a film made for REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) that tells the story of Liza Dietzen, a woman who dreamed of competing as a dog sledder and now dedicates the majority of her time raising and caring for her sled dog team.


The Girl Who Wore Freedom

Directed by Christian Taylor

The journey from occupation to liberation, to acceptance and forgiveness, to gratitude and pride, is explored through interviews with French survivors and American veterans.

Dates & Times


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Wed, May 19
7:15 pm