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The Final Stand

Directed by Vadim Shmelyov

October 1941. Fascist hordes rush to Moscow. As a result of the breakthrough of the defensive line on one of the direct highways, there were no regular units of the Red Army left and the invaders were able to move in freely. Soviet high command decides to close the gap with cadets from the Podolsk infantry and artillery schools, many of whom were about 18 years old. Their task is to hold out for five days until the reserves arrive. The cadets held out for twelve. Аt a cost of their lives, they did not allow the enemy to reach Moscow, and thereby changed the course of war. The film is about heroism, about love, about true friendship.

Award Winner: Best International Film

About the Filmmaker

Vadim Shmelyov was born on August 30, 1967 in the USSR. Graduated from LGITMiK (SPATI) with a degree in drama director (1990-1995). He is a producer, screenwriter and director, known for «S.S.D.» (2008) and «Kod apokalipsisa» (2007). He produced for «Put k sebe» (2010), «Nelyubimyy» (2011), series «Chyornaya metka» (2011) and others. He is the director for series «Lektor» (2011), «Igra na vybyvanie» (2004) and others.

Watch the post-screening discussion with producer/actress Irina Ugolnikova and historical consultant Oleg Komissar

Dates & Times


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Sat, May 22
11:30 am