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Directed by Ryan Rossman, Ryan Welch

Follow these American veterans as they navigate the trauma of PTS and choose to overcome it with an attitude of growth instead of stigma.

Nomination: Best Documentary Feature 

About the Filmmakers

Ryan Welch comes from a long line of storytellers. His great-grandfather told stories with artists’ pencils. His grandfather with film – and his father with words. While he maintains an interest in all three, his passion lies in telling stories using moving images. Welch is a director/producer/cinematographer and editor for AO Films, based in the Pacific Northwest. He’s known for ALASKAN NETS (Producer), and THE STORY OF SHADOW & LIGHT (Director). Whether behind the camera or in front of the computer editing, his goal is to convey a story that evokes emotion and creativity. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Ryan lives with his wife, Susan and son and daughter in Eugene, Oregon.

Co-Director, Ryan Rossman grew up in Eugene Oregon with his brother and parents. His passion for art led him to study fine art at the University of Oregon with a focus on drawing and photography. After college Ryan worked as a freelance videographer and editor primarily filming and editing sport highlight films at the U of O. He got married in 2008, and spent two years in New York working in reality television on multiple seasons of Celebrity Apprentice, Top Chef and Project Runway to name a few. Upon returning to the Northwest, he began working with AO Films as a director, cinematographer and editor. In addition to his filmmaking, Rossman is also pursuing a career in law enforcement. He currently lives in McMinnville, Oregon with his wife, Brittany and their three kids.

Watch the post-screening discussion with filmmakers from “UNITED WE HEAL” and “Budding Creativity” as well as subject matter experts. 


Preceded By

Budding Creativity

Directed by Kay Barnes

An African American, wife, military veteran, and mother of three explores creative transferability during COVID-19.

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Thu, May 20
7:15 pm