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GI Film Festival San Diego 2018

From Baghdad to The Bay

Directed by Erin Palmquist

International Experience, Women Filmmaker, Post 9/11, LGBTQ+, Iraq War, New Mission / USA / 2018 / documentary / 68 mins / English / San Diego Premiere

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From Baghdad to the Bay

Museum of Photographic Arts
September 28, 2018 6:00 pm


“From Baghdad to The Bay” follows the epic journey of Ghazwan Alsharif, an Iraqi refugee and former translator for the U.S. military. Wrongfully accused of being a double agent, tortured by the U.S. military, and ostracized from family and country, we follow Ghazwan as he struggles to rebuild his life in the United States while coming out as an openly gay activist.

Filmmaker Erin Palmquist and film subject Ghazwan Alsharif are scheduled to attend.


GI Film Festival San Diego Award

Best First-Time Filmmaker


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Director's Bio

Erin Palmquist is an award-winning documentary filmmaker who has worked for independent filmmakers as well as Lucasfilm, National Geographic Explorer, and PBS. Her first feature-length documentary “From Baghdad to The Bay” won the Jury Award for Best Documentary at Cinequest and Best Film, Programmer’s Award for Excellence at OUTshine Miami. She is currently the director of photography for “5 Blocks,” a feature length documentary chronicling the revitalization efforts in the Central Market Street neighborhood in San Francisco. She is also a producer and the director of photography for the documentary shorts series “Oakland Originals”. Erin works with Oakland’s historic and popular Grand Lake Theater to program the shorts before feature films. During the summer of 2014, over 24,000 moviegoers saw the shorts at the theater. Her first short documentary “BDSM: It’s Not What You Think!” premiered at the Frameline32 Film Festival in 2008 before going on to receive Honorable Mention at Cinekink, New York and screen at festivals around the world.

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Dates & Times

From Baghdad to the Bay

Museum of Photographic Arts
September 28, 2018 6:00 pm