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GI Film Festival San Diego 2018

Iraq War

  1. From Baghdad to The Bay

    Erin Palmquist / International Experience, Women Filmmaker, Post 9/11, LGBTQ+, Iraq War, New Mission / USA / 2018 / documentary / 68 mins
    From Baghdad to The Bay follows the epic journey of Ghazwan Alsharif, an Iraqi refugee and former translator for the U.S. military. Wrongfully accused of being a double agent, tortured by the U.S. military, and ostracized from family and country, we follow Ghazwan as he struggles to rebuild his life in the United States while coming out as an openly gay activist.

    Preceded by: Coming Out to Grandma

    From Baghdad to the Bay

    Museum of Photographic Arts
    September 28, 2018 6:00 pm

  2. Who Killed Lt. Van Dorn?

    Zachary Stauffer / Families in Service, Post 9/11, Iraq War, Navy / USA / 2018 / documentary / 80 mins
    The widow of a Navy helicopter pilot killed in a 2014 training exercise spurs an investigation that uncovers a long history of institutional failings that led to her husband's death. This poignant picture of a family's tragedy is also a revelatory inquiry into the murky inner workings of the American defense establishment.
    Who Killed Lt. Van Dorn? A Special GIFFSD Screening

    San Diego Central Library Neil Morgan Auditorium
    January 29, 2019 7:00 pm