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February 11 | Great Love Stories

February 11, 2021
No matter how you plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day, these wartime romances are sure to make you feel the love.
Set in WWII, this classic film follows a cafe owner as he helps his ex-lover and her husband escape the Germans in French-occupied Morocco. Featuring Hollywood icons Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, “Casablanca” went on to win the 1944 Oscar for Best Picture. WATCH on HBO Max.

From Here To Eternity
“From Here To Eternity” takes place at an Army barrack in Hawaii prior to the attacks on Pearl Harbor. The film won eight Oscars at the 1954 Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Frank Sinatra and Donna Reed’s performances were also lauded, earning Oscars for Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress. RENT on Amazon Prime.

“Allied” tells the story of two World War II operatives that fall in love against all odds. Brad Pitt and Marion Cottillard play a Canadian intelligence officer and a French resistance fighter that embark on a deadly mission together. The film explores love, loyalty, and lies. RENT on Prime Video.

BONUS Port of Entry: Till Deportation Do Us Part?
For those unfamiliar, “Port of Entry” is a podcast by KPBS and PRX spotlighting cross-border stories. Their most recent episode, “Till Deportation Do Us Part?” features the story of Emma Sanchez and her husband Michael Paulsen, a retired Navy veteran. Listen to their story of enduring love and learn more about issues of families being separated at the border. LISTEN on the KPBS website.

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