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Directed by Vicki Topaz, Wynn Padula

Set in Northern California, “BY MY SIDE” is an intimate portrait of three veterans suffering from the “invisible wound,” called post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is the most prevalent and unhealed wound suffered by veterans. Approximately 20% of those who served in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars are still haunted by visions, chased by enemies they can never outrun, and tortured by the fear that the enemy is them. The three veterans and their families bravely share their pain, fear, and the difficult realization that they’ve lost time and love that they may never get back again. All three found hope where no one had looked—in the heart of a faithful service dog.


Award Nominations | Best Documentary Short
Honorable Mention | Founders’ Choice

Plays in

Graphic: Documentary Shorts

Doc Shorts

This program features a collection of four  (4) short documentary films that center around military histories and veteran…

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Museum of Photographic Arts

Fri, May 19
5:00 pm