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Let’s Talk About The War

Directed by Nicholas Betts

Combat veteran Nick Betts reflects on the realities of war as a generational conflict comes to an ignominious end. He speaks with men about the impact war has had on their lives, the loss of youth and innocence, and the physical and emotional damage it caused. The conversations range from humorous to contemplative, emotional, and serious. While never ignoring the pain, Nick showcases veterans who successfully transitioned to civilian life, embracing the empowerment of their experiences and not succumbing to victimhood.

Award Nominations | Best Documentary Directed by Military or Veterans, Best Local Documentary, Best First-Time Feature Director Nick Betts,

Honorable Mention | Founders’ Choice

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Zoomed in picture of soldiers military metals on their chest.


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Dates & Times


Museum of Photographic Arts

Wed, May 17
7:30 pm