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Mission Control

Directed by Timothy Ingold

It is David’s first day on the job as an operator in the high stakes world of secret agent operation. Currently on medical leave from the infantry, David was destined for a boring day of training until a coworker offloads a mission on him, which David excitedly accepts. What is supposed to be a procedural experience, David’s mission becomes immediately complicated when David discovers that his agent is incapacitated in the field. Despite the desperate situation, David’s attempts to assist the agent are thwarted by the bureaucracy of Mission Control and the apathetic attitudes of his coworkers. David has to learn to work against the system he was so excited to join.


Award Nomination

Best Comedy Short

Plays in

Graphic: Late Night Narrative Shorts

Late Night Narrative Shorts

This program features a collection of seven (7) short narrative films: fictional, creative, or dramatized accounts centered around…

Dates & Times


Museum of Photographic Arts

Fri, May 19
9:50 pm