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Not My Enemy

Directed by Kehinde Ishangi

African American choreographer Kehinde Ishangi seeks to uncover the truth about her absent father’s choices only to reveal the real enemy of the Vietnam War. “Not My Enemy” paints a picture of the traumatic and dehumanizing impact of the Vietnam War through the experiences of African American soldiers. Weaving between a fictional narrative and real-life interviews with Vietnam veterans, the documentary dance film becomes a harrowing reminder of how an aimless and violent war left indelible scars on a generation of Black men and their families. Inspired by dialogue with her father, a Vietnam veteran, Ishangi examines the nightmare of combat, the deeply psychological aftermath, and the effort to heal from these lifelong wounds.

Contains descriptions of sexual violence and combat violence. Viewer discretion advised.

Award Nomination

Best First-Time Feature Director Kehinde Ishangi

Preceded By

Veteran sitting next to memorial

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Dates & Times


Museum of Photographic Arts

Wed, May 17
5:00 pm