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The Gentle Sex

Directed by John Adams

The year is 1999. For 45 years Connie Brown (Dame Joan Collins) has enjoyed a safe and quiet life at Stathie Manor. Hidden in the remote English countryside, Stathie Manor is no ordinary home and she is no ordinary woman. The walled and gated house had been requisitioned at the beginning of World War II with one highly secret purpose: to train female agents of the Special Operations Executive for top secret work behind enemy lines. It still does not appear on any map. Repurposed in the 1950s, the woman who remains there is now the custodian of the property and its unique secrets. Whenever Stathie Manor is threatened, she is heavily protected. But in fact, she can very much look after herself.


Award Nomination

Best Comedy Short

Plays in

Graphic: Late Night Narrative Shorts

Late Night Narrative Shorts

This program features a collection of seven (7) short narrative films: fictional, creative, or dramatized accounts centered around…

Dates & Times


Museum of Photographic Arts

Fri, May 19
9:50 pm