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This program features a collection of seven (7) short narrative films: fictional, creative, or dramatized accounts centered around military and veteran experience.

  • Hollywood Post 43’s Last Stand
  • Police Three
  • We Got Your Six
  • Leave
  • The Gentle Sex
  • The Negative
  • Mission Control

The topics covered and storytelling methods in these films vary widely, each offering a unique perspective. Some were created by veterans themselves; others were created by filmmakers. Total run time is approx. 90 minutes.

In this program

Three men arguing over table

Hollywood Post 43’s Last Stand

Directed by John Mendoza

When zombies attack, the American Legion’s Hollywood Post 43 rallies for the good of the Legion.

Solder driving a car while other soldier enters the car.

Police Three

Directed by Jimmy Lucarz

After years in the Air Force, multiple deployments, and personal loss, SSgt Bailey has finally reached the end of her rope. Before she can end it all she is interrupted by an unexpected visitor.

Distressed man, head down

We Got Your Six

Directed by Danny Zanelotti

Four troubled veterans embark on a unique group therapy session.

Man staring at women who is blurred.


Directed by Adam Alon

Guy is a soldier and in daily mortal danger in the Israel of today. Hadas is his wife and is desperately scared of losing him, and the future she so desires with Guy. From this conflict comes a blindingly hard and surprisingly intimate drama.

Bird-eye view of mansion.

The Gentle Sex

Directed by John Adams

For 45 years Connie Brown has enjoyed a safe and quiet life at Stathie Manor. Hidden in the remote English countryside, Stathie Manor is no ordinary home and Connie Brown is no ordinary woman.

People standing next to tv set

The Negative

Directed by Tommy Bentz

A struggling writer finds a fabled “Cabin of Success” in the woods, where anyone who stays there becomes everything they’ve ever wanted. But before his dream is realized, he comes face to face with the answer to the question: What would you sacrifice to be successful?

Older man eating cake in an office.

Mission Control

Directed by Timothy Ingold

On medical leave from the infantry, David was destined for a boring day of training until a coworker offloads a secret mission on him, which David excitedly accepts. Bureaucracy and apathy challenge David to work against the system he was so excited to join.

Dates & Times


Museum of Photographic Arts

Fri, May 19
9:50 pm