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World War II

Graphic: Documentary Shorts Healing, Korean War, Local Film, PTS, Transitioning Home, USMC, World War II

Doc Shorts

Program Doc Shorts This program features a collection of four  (4) short documentary films that center around military histories and veteran...
Older man flying plane with planes behind him. Award Nominee, Award Winner, Healing, PTS, World War II

Jerry’s Last Mission

Film Jerry’s Last Mission Directed by Louisa Merino This is the story of how a World War II P-51 fighter pilot overcame PTSD and how he…
Photographs on soldier with his metals. Korean War, USMC, World War II

Most Decorated Marine of All Time! Lt. General Chesty Puller

Film Most Decorated Marine of All Time! Lt. General Chesty Puller Directed by Bruce Wittman General Lewis “Chesty” Puller shouted battlefield orders in a bellow that rattled the Halls of Montezuma. He thrived…
Man holding binoculars looking into the sky, mountain setting. Award Nominee, Healing, PTS, World War II

The Metalldetektor

Film The Metalldetektor Directed by Brendan Patrick Hughes In his retirement, Georg has taken up metal detecting in the hills near his house outside Graz, Austria.…
Veteran sitting, interview style, on kitchen table Award Nominee, Cold War, Navy, Special Ops, World War II

The Richard Stroud Story

Film The Richard Stroud Story Directed by Shannon Fontaine Meet World War II Naval Aviator Richard Stroud and follow along on a top secret Cold War mission…
Scuba diver with American flag Award Nominee, Award Winner, Families Who Serve, Healing, World War II

To What Remains

Film To What Remains Directed by Chris Woods “To What Remains” is the story of Project Recover, a small team of scientists, oceanographers, archaeologists, historians, researchers,…