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Directed by Andrea von Siebenthal

Since the precipitous retreat of the U.S. forces from Afghanistan in 2021 and the subsequent power takeover by the Taliban, the Afghans who helped the Allies are being hunted down and killed. “MORE THAN BROTHERS” portrays the personal sacrifices and political engagement of two Green Berets in a race against time to save the Afghans who kept them safe during their deployments, giving voice to their Afghan allies whose lives have been completely uprooted since the chaotic withdrawal. This short documentary highlights the human cost of political decisions.


Nomination | Best Student Film

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"Documentary Shorts: Veterans, Allies, and Caregivers" in white font over three photos under a transparent yellow background

Documentary Shorts: Veterans, Allies, and Caregivers

This collection of documentary shorts explore personal stories of veterans and those that care for them.

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