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The Volunteer

Directed by David Brodie

During the Vietnam War, American soldier Bruce Nakashima formed a closed but unlikely friendship with L.V. Hendking. Bruce was a Japanese American from California; L.V. Hendking was an African American from Alabama. From U.S. Army Ranger training through their deployment in Vietnam, the two were inseparable, confiding in each other, protecting each other, and providing a sense of home amidst the horror of war. “The Volunteer” follows Bruce’s 50-year search for L.V., with intimate, heartwarming, and occasionally hilarious asides and revelations. It explores the power of friendship and loyalty, the weight of family expectations, and the complexities of identity and belonging.

Nomination | Best Documentary Short

Nomination | New Director Award, David Brodie

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Documentary Shorts: Wars in Asia

Three documentary shorts reveal personal perspectives from veterans serving in WWII, post-Korea War, and Vietnam and uncover forgotten histories.

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