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Westermann: Memorial to the Idea of Man If He Was an Idea

Directed by Leslie Buchbinder

“Westermann: Memorial to the Idea of Man If He Was an Idea” is a 3D documentary film about the life and work of artist, Marine, and acrobat H.C. (Cliff) Westermann. As a veteran of World War II and the Korean War, Westermann’s dramatic personal history can be traced through the beguiling, surreal artworks he made to process the horrors he witnessed on the front lines. In doing so, he became an inspiration for many young artists. The film reveals ways in which Westermann protected his empathic spirit – and sanity – by ‘sculpting’ his body, artworks, friendships, his hand-hewn house, and his art-filled letters to his dearest friends and family. The documentary explores themes of resiliency, hope, and humor with a script culled from over a thousand of Westermann’s letters and one audio-interview – voiced by four-time Academy-Award nominee Ed Harris.


Nomination | Best Documentary Feature

Nomination | Founders’ Choice Award

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