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Documentary Shorts: Wars in Asia

Three documentary shorts reveal personal perspectives from veterans serving in WWII, post-Korean War, and Vietnam and uncover forgotten histories. Films include: “Stamp Our Story,” “Pueblo, a Year of Crises in America,” and “The Volunteer.”

In this program

An older style photo of two men standing and smiling together wearing tan uniforms

Stamp Our Story

Directed by Kaia Rose, Robert Horsting

Three Japanese American women of the Nisei generation share how they led a successful 15-year campaign to issue the Go For Broke: Japanese American Soldiers of WWII Forever stamp.

A stressed man in a control room on the phone

Pueblo, A Year of Crises In America

Directed by Bill Lowe

This is the true story of an ill-conceived, badly planned espionage mission with crewmen who had no knowledge or training for what they were being asked to perform.

Two older men standing on a porch looking out into the distance

The Volunteer

Directed by David Brodie

A Vietnam War veteran in search of a fellow comrade reflects on the power of friendship and the complexities of identity and belonging.

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