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America’s first supersonic fighter, the F-100 Super Saber, flew more combat sorties during the Vietnam War than any other fighter. No war in American history is more misunderstood than what took place over the bloody skies of Vietnam in the 1960s.

“Hun Pilots” reveals a tumultuous time in U.S. history where phenomenal veterans sacrificed their lives in service of their country despite the turmoil surrounding them. Vietnam was misreported then and it is misremembered now. Receiving neither the country’s glory nor their compassion, this unique breed of men served, fought and died following the orders of their Commander-In-Chief. The film reveals their stories in order to prevent this travesty from ever happening again to Americans who serve and defend the United States of America. Veterans of valor should never become just a faded memory. Their services must be visually told in film in order to preserve history so they will always be remembered.

Nominations: Local Film Showcase – Best Short; Local Film Showcase – Best Film Made By or Starring Military or Veterans

About the Filmmaker

Award-winning Director, Writer, and Producer, Mark Vizcarra entered the film industry after 29 years of service to the United States Navy. He spent nearly two decades flying the world’s most sophisticated fighters accumulating over 2500 hours and landing aboard nine different aircraft carriers. Mark Vizcarra writes, produces and directs films using complex skills he acquired as a career Officer, Navy fighter pilot, and Summa Cum Laude graduate from the Los Angeles Film School. While a Commander on Admiral Staff, he was responsible for programs in excess of 100 million dollars and knows the intricate details of successful project management and leadership. His training and experience brings a unique perspective to creative filmmaking, especially in the military aviation genre.

Plays in

Shorts Block | Closing Night Duo

Closing Night Duo: Actions Speak Louder Than Medals with Hun Pilots

Closing night at the festival features two locally-connected films: “Actions Speak Louder Than Medals” followed by “Hun Pilots”.

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Sun, May 23
4:45 pm