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The Children’s Crusade

Directed by Joe Mery

Two young men, on opposite sides, meet on the battlefield in Iraq; but this could be any battlefield. Had they met anywhere else they might have been friends, but this is Fallujah. This film is intended to educate the public on the cruelty, the brutality, and the fog of war while also showing the human side and the bonds that tie all of us together.

About the Filmmaker

Born and raised in Texas. Marine Corps 2002-2006. Deployed to Iraq between 2002 and 2005. Joe lives in a small Texas town with his Aunt, Uncle, Niece, and their five dogs, ten chickens, two horses, and one sheep. He is very happy and likes to be left alone.

Plays in

Shorts Block | Drama Night

Shorts Block | Drama Night

Personal experience, sci fi, and combat stories are explored in this drama block.

Dates & Times


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Fri, May 21
8:30 pm