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This collection of short films feature dramatic stories from around the world.  Personal experience, sci fi, and combat stories are explored.

Watch the post-screening discussion featuring filmmakers, writers, and performers in this collection of narrative shorts.

In this program

Guide On

Directed by Paige Compton

The story of a young woman’s quest to be extraordinary. Inspired by true events.

Beauty for Ashes

Directed by Jamie Humphris

A film showcasing the power of forgiveness in the most challenging of circumstances.

The Children’s Crusade

Directed by Joe Mery

Two young men, on opposite sides, meet on the battlefield in Iraq; but this could be any battlefield.

My War

Directed by Jojo Erholtz

Haunted by the memories of war, a veteran struggles to return to normal life.


Directed by Stephan Eigenmann

A mother is grieving over her daughter, who died in combat, through the help of futuristic technology.


Directed by Deante Gray, King Jaquell Martin

The grim retelling of the true story of a veteran’s violent encounter with the police after serving his country.

Burger Day | A Short Story by Audrey di Faye

Directed by Audrey di Faye

An Asian-American woman confronts a veteran about his service when he harasses a food service worker over the restaurant’s Veteran Day special.

Saved Rounds

Directed by John Finn

From from the experiences of Navy corpsman in Iraq, “Saved Rounds” looks at the devastating pain of loss, survivor’s guilt, the redeeming qualities of love and honor.

Dates & Times


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Fri, May 21
8:30 pm