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On her first day of basic training, Halle Varro, a young Army recruit, stands out among her peers as she competes to be the guidon bearer. Halle’s attitude of defiance and winning at all costs puts her in Drill Sergeant Mallett’s crosshairs. Can Halle rise to the challenge and become the first female guidon bearer? Inspired by true events.

Nominations: Best Actress- Shantelle Lee Cuevas; Best Student Film; Best Film Made By Military or Veterans

About the Filmmaker

Paige Compton is a recent graduate of the American Film Institute Conservatory, with an MFA in Film Directing. During her time in the U.S. Army, she held the title of Visual Information Equipment Operator/Maintainer (25R) and cross-trained into Graphic Design and Photography. The last four years of her military service were spent as an Audiovisual Director for the offices of the 44th President and VP of the United States.

Plays in

Shorts Block | Women Warriors

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Shorts Block | Drama Night

Shorts Block | Drama Night

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Sun, May 23
5:30 pm

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Fri, May 21
8:30 pm