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Encore viewing opportunity

This collection of shorts highlight and celebrate the contributions of women service members over the years.  The following films play in other short blocks throughout the program.  But catch them all together as our final online showtime.

Hear what these filmmakers had to say in the post-screening discussion


In this program

Charlotte Mansfield: a Woman Photographer Goes to War

Directed by Brian Graves

“Charlotte Mansfield, a Woman Photographer Goes to War” tells the story of Sgt. Charlotte Dee Mansfield’s pioneering career as a Women’s Army Corps photographer during World War II.

Soldiers’ Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan: The Artist’s Process

Directed by Jennifer Karady

The film chronicles the intricate and intimate process between artist Jennifer Karady and one of her subjects, former Army Specialist Lucero Morales,

Alene B. Duerk: The First Woman Admiral

Directed by Eliciana Nascimento

This short documentary tells how Alene Duerk overcame gender stereotypes in the military to accomplish the highest rank ever achieved by a woman in the history of the US Navy.

Budding Creativity

Directed by Kay Barnes

An African American, wife, military veteran, and mother of three explores creative transferability during COVID-19.

My War

Directed by Jojo Erholtz

Haunted by the memories of war, a veteran struggles to return to normal life.

Guide On

Directed by Paige Compton

The story of a young woman’s quest to be extraordinary. Inspired by true events.

Dates & Times


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Sun, May 23
5:30 pm