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From San Diego area filmmakers, these short dramas range from two combat stories, a period piece, and a clever first-person (fictional) memoir.

Watch in the post-screening discussion celebrating these local filmmakers

In this program

From Russia with… Mehh

Directed by Devin Scott

A daughter to a mail order Russian bride, tells the sad tale of growing up with a narcissistic mother and how she discovered the American Dream the hard way.

Tiger Oak + Echo

Directed by Cy Kuckenbaker

When Echo is allowed to join his brother in an ambush against Soviet forces, he makes a mistake that costs them everything.

Life After Oblivion

Directed by Floyd Strayer

The story of a Marine sniper experience in Afghanistan and the ghosts he brings back home.

The 11th Order

Directed by Joshua DeFour

The true story of two U.S. Marines who, in a span of six seconds, must stand their ground to stop a suicide truck bomb and protect the lives of the 150 Marines and Iraqi Police behind them.

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Fri, May 21
6:15 pm