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#3 Normandy Lane

Directed by Brenda Strong
AWARD WINNER: Best Actress, Best Narrative Short, Best First-Time Filmmaker


#3 Normandy Lane is about Army wife and young mother Sarah Winston, whose life is inextricably altered by a series of visitors to her base housing. Shot near the famous historical base housing in Monterey, California- this surreal, but factually based short film explores the difficulties and challenges of the impact of war on the families left at home and reveals the potential emotional and psychological strain through the lens of one woman’s journey.

Written by John Farmanesh-Bocca (I Did Not Forget You, The Brave, GI Film Fest Alum) and Directed by Brenda Strong, (Desperate Housewives, Starship Troopers, Supergirl) Scottie Thompson (12 Monkeys, NCIS) plays Sarah Winston.
This film is appropriate for all ages and is family-oriented in its focus.


Brenda Strong is an award-winning actress, director and producer, best known for her seminal work on Desperate Housewives as Mary Alice Young, garnering her two Emmy Noms and two SAG Awards. Her long and consistent work on Television and Film (Seinfeld, Dallas, Starship Troopers, Fear the Walking Dead, Supergirl, 13 Reasons Why led her to find her voice behind the camera. She recently produced two multi-award-winning films where she realized she had a passion for filmmaking, ‘’#3 Normandy Lane’’ is her directorial debut short film. She will be directing this Fall for Netflix for Season 4 of ‘’13 Reasons Why.’’

Plays in

Drama Block: Not Your Everyday Story

This selection of shorts include projects that are made by or star military / veterans and local films.

Dates & Times


Museum of Photographic Arts

Fri, Sep 27
6:15 pm