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First-time Filmmaker

#3 Normandy Lane

Film #3 Normandy Lane Directed by Brenda Strong Army wife and young mother Sarah Winston's life is inextricably altered when a series of visitors arrive on…
First-time Filmmaker, Made by Veteran / Military, Student Project

A Rodeo Film

Film A Rodeo Film Directed by Darius Dawson A bull rider who falls out of love with the sport must choose between his family’s legacy of…
Local Film Showcase, Student Project

A Serving Story

Film A Serving Story Directed by Mackenzie Bivin, Zach Camerino Made by two Rancho Bernardo High School students, this documentary short shines a light on the experiences of…
Afghanistan War

A Soldier’s Way

Film A Soldier’s Way Directed by Adam Dietrich, Elliott Gilbert "A Soldier’s Way" follows the story of soldiers Steven Barr (Tim Llewellyn) and Chris Villanueva (Grey Acuna) during…
First-time Filmmaker, Made by Veteran / Military, Starring Military or Veteran, Student Project, Women in Film

Breaking Point

Film Breaking Point Directed by Coren Benson, Kasey Weldon A mother and daughter confront each other about the sudden death of a loved one.
First-time Filmmaker, LGBTQ, Local Film Showcase, Made by Veteran / Military


Film Deviant Directed by Benjamin Howard In the early sixties, a sexually conflicted teenager finds faith and acceptance after escaping the tortures of electrotherapeutic…
Air Force, Family

Family Movie Night featuring Captain Marvel

Film Family Movie Night featuring Captain Marvel Directed by Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck A female pilot gains superpowers after a freak accident and uses them to help save the world.
First-time Filmmaker; Post 9/11


Film FINDING SATAN Directed by Jondaniel Cornett Bonded in valor but separated by war's chaos, a retired soldier must find his military dog, Satan, in…
First-time Filmmaker, Post 9/11


Film Homemade Directed by Danielle Bernstein, Jason Maris Groundbreaking, intimate, and durational – Homemade is the six-year journey following combat wounded and highly decorated Force Reconnaissance…
First-time Filmmaker, Post 9/11


Film ISLAND SOLDIER Directed by Nathan Fitch ISLAND SOLDIER interweaves the personal stories of Micronesian soldiers serving in the U.S. military, following their journey from…
Made by Veteran / Military

Last Taxi Dance

Film Last Taxi Dance Directed by Brayden Yoder In a ballroom called Paradise, in the aftermath of World War II, a proud Hawaiian singer dances with…


Film Midway The story of the Battle of Midway, told through the experiences of the WWII leaders and soldiers who…
Iraq War, Post 9/11


Film Mosul Directed by Daniel Gabriel The gritty, thrilling story of local militias and uneasy allies who banded together to liberate Iraq's second-largest city…
Coast Guard

Ocean Station November

Film Ocean Station November Directed by Damon Stuebner While patrolling an area of the Pacific Ocean designated “Ocean Station November,” the daily routine for the crew…
Vietnam War

Others May Live: American Patriot

Film Others May Live: American Patriot Directed by Matthew Black Vietnam veteran Bobby Shelton recounts his time in service and reflects on the bond he shared with his…
Local Film Showcase, Made by Veteran / Military


Film Polka. Directed by Andrew Brame Near his campsite under a bridge, Kenny makes a discovery that changes his lonely existence and must work…
First-time Filmmaker, Made by Veteran / Military, Student Project, USMC, Women in Film


Film REDDOG Directed by Will Whitney REDDOG, is a film based on true events of a U.S. Marine in Afghanistan while on patrol with…
Army, Made by Veteran / Military, Vietnam War

Remains: The Search for SFC Samuel J. Padgett

Film Remains: The Search for SFC Samuel J. Padgett Directed by Joe Day, Jose Rodriguez In the depths of a Vietnamese jungle, a team of archaeologists and U.S. service members search for the…
Local Film Showcase, Navy, Vietnam War

Scramble The Seawolves

Film Scramble The Seawolves Directed by Jeff Arballo A ragtag team from meager beginnings becomes the most decorated squadron in Naval Aviation history and of the…
First-time Filmmaker, World War II

Sunken Roads: Three Generations After D-Day

Film Sunken Roads: Three Generations After D-Day Directed by Charlotte Juergens A young woman joins a group of D-Day veterans on a pilgrimage to retrace their route from World…
Take Me Home Huey Helicopter Healing Arts, Local Film Showcase, Made by Veteran / Military, Vietnam War, Women in Film

Opening Night featuring Take Me Home Huey

Film Opening Night featuring Take Me Home Huey Directed by Alicia Brauns, Christine Steele, Steve Maloney “Take Me Home Huey” documents contemporary artist Steve Maloney’s transformation of a wounded warbird into a colorful sculpture.…
Healing Through Sports, Post 9/11

Team River Runner – Beyond Paddling

Film Team River Runner – Beyond Paddling Directed by Kirk Hewitt, Takayuki Yamato The film tells the story of a group of wounded Raleigh veterans who found healing in the rivers…
Made by Veteran / Military

The Black String

Film The Black String Directed by Brian Hanson After a lonely convenience store clerk goes on a blind date with a mysterious woman, his world begins…
Vietnam War

The Donut Dollies

Film The Donut Dollies Directed by Norm Anderson In 1968, two best friends joined an elite team and flew into a war zone wearing powder blue…
First-time Filmmaker

The Invalid Corps

Film The Invalid Corps Directed by Day Al-Mohamed In July 1864, Confederate General Jubal Early launches a surprise raid that takes him to the very gates…

The Real Thing

Film The Real Thing Directed by Brandon Kelley A soldier returns home to meet his daughter, who transitioned while he was on tour.
Healing Arts, Vietnam War

The Whistleblower of My Lai

Film The Whistleblower of My Lai Directed by Connie Field This artful, resonant documentary counterpoints the story of one of the most shameful episodes in U.S. military history…
Local Film Showcase, Starring Military or Veteran, Women in Film

This One Step

Film This One Step Directed by The RAY SISTERS A young Texan veteran and his wife must re-learn the rhythm of their relationship, complicated by lingering PTSD.
Healing Arts, Student Project

Under the Needle

Film Under the Needle Directed by Lee Robinson A short documentary about the therapeutic effects of tattooing and PTSD.
Vietnam War

Vietnam Aftermath

Film Vietnam Aftermath Directed by Tom Phillips The horrors of war never die. The story emerging is not one on the War itself, but on…
Made by Veteran / Military, Vietnam War

War Paint

Film War Paint Directed by J.C. Doler, Taylor Bracewell A soldier fights through the heat and hell of the Vietnam War in the early 1960s.
Made by Veteran / Military

XVII Carvings

Film XVII Carvings Directed by Jesse Larvick, Manny Marquez A Marine Corps veteran, Anthony Marquez, is on a quest to create a memorial for the 17 fellow…