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Directed by Andrew Brame

Cast: Manny Fernandes

AWARD WINNER: Local Film Showcase – Local Choice Award


Near his campsite under a bridge, Kenny makes a discovery that changes his lonely existence. He sets out to look for materials to make accommodations for his new life. As he moves through the city, he feels keen that he does not belong and finds it difficult to get what he needs. A young woman confronts him, and after the initial tension of the confrontation fades, she decides to help him.

Kenny returns to his camp only to find that a cleanup crew is removing his belongings. He manages to frighten them away, which buys him enough time to collect his newfound treasure and anything else he can carry. Knowing that the cleanup crew will return, he sets out to find a new place to live.

Finally, Kenny arrives in a clearing overlooking San Diego. He builds what he initially intended – a place to live in peace with his new prize.


At the time of filming, Andrew Brame was serving as a visual journalist in the U.S. Navy. He is a graduate of the Advanced Military Visual Journalism program at Syracuse University. He received the “Best Operational Photo Series” award for the Department of Defense for his coverage of a humanitarian assistance mission in remote areas along the Amazon River.

“Polka.” is the fourth short film that Andrew has written and directed and his third collaboration with Director of Photography Phillip Elgie. Their short film “Best Laid Plans” received an honorable mention at the Broadcast Education Association’s Festival of Arts.

Plays in

Drama Block: Not Your Everyday Story

This selection of shorts include projects that are made by or star military / veterans and local films.

Dates & Times


Museum of Photographic Arts

Fri, Sep 27
6:15 pm