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Drama Block: Intense Stories of Service


This selection of shorts includes stories of loss, survival, and resilience. International films are also featured in this lineup. Discussion with filmmakers, actors, and/or experts may follow screening.

In this program

That’s Mine

Directed by Amit Hay Ben Shlomo

Roni is a battalion commander in the armored corps of the Israeli IDF, undergoing a dilemma about his career in the shadow of a fragile marriage.

Escape by Sea

Directed by Eero Heinonen

Two Scandinavian soldiers flee French Foreign Legion by jumping ship in the Strait of Malacca. Their escape will stretch the limits of human survival when sea current sweeps them to open ocean for weeks, without food or water. Based on true events.

Breaking Point

Directed by Coren Benson, Kasey Weldon

A mother and daughter confront each other about the sudden death of a loved one.

A Soldier’s Way

Directed by Adam Dietrich, Elliott Gilbert

“A Soldier’s Way” follows the story of soldiers Steven Barr (Tim Llewellyn) and Chris Villanueva (Grey Acuna) during a tour in Afghanistan, simultaneously exploring their lives and commitments stateside. Steven Barr is the modern soldier, from his physique to his adrenaline addiction, with a wife Andrea (Molly May Rockwell) and child (Kohen Marburger) wishing they had more of his focus between multiple tours of duty. Chris Villanueva is a combat photographer assigned to Barr’s company during a routine tour in the country, who has a healthier relationship to his pregnant wife, Lacey (Bonnie Gayle), and combat career. The film explores the connection between these two soldiers and their families back home, blurring the line between here and now, much like a dream, as both worlds face a deteriorating reality.


Directed by Will Whitney

REDDOG, is a film based on true events of a U.S. Marine in Afghanistan while on patrol with his platoon. During the long hours of walking in the desert, the Marine becomes fatigued and unknowingly takes an unlucky step. While he waits for help to arrive, he goes through a series of flashbacks that give him hope for his chance of survival.


Directed by Joey Chebatte

When four Australian soldiers capture a young Afghani boy spying on their position, tensions rise among them as they decide whether he’s helping the Taliban or simply playing.

Dates & Times


Museum of Photographic Arts

Thu, Sep 26
7:30 pm