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GI Film Festival San Diego 2018

The Flashback

Directed by Alex Bartz

Vietnam War, Bridging Generations / USA / 2018 / narrative / 7 mins / English / San Diego Premiere

Thud Pilots with The Flashback

Museum of Photographic Arts
September 26, 2018 7:15 pm


Frank Barnes is a Vietnam Combat Veteran, suffering from PTSD. When his grandson comes to stay, he doesn’t know how to react to the terrifying screams that sometimes emanate from Frank’s rooms at night, as he relives the terror of war in his nightmares. His grandson also doesn’t understand why Frank hasn’t just “moved on” from an event that took place half a century ago. It’s the anniversary of the battle that took Frank’s best friend’s life and he is finally going to fulfill a promise he made to “Bill” 50 years ago. On the morning that Frank is preparing to honor Bill’s memory and ultimate sacrifice, he overhears a conversation his grandson is having on the phone. Frank listens as his grandson expresses his confusion about the night terrors and does not understand why “Grandpa” acts the way he does. Frank makes the painful decision to finally share the story of Bill, the chess set and the fateful battle that took Bill’s life with his grandson in the hopes of helping him understand.


Filmmaker Alex Bartz is scheduled to attend.


GI Film Festival San Diego Nomination

Best Student Film

Director's Bio

Alex Bartz is an upcoming filmmaker, writer, and director. His passion for storytelling began as an actor at the age of 12. He has since appeared in numerous commercials as well as appearing in films like “Ender’s Game” and the Scott Curlee film, “Extraordinary.” His on-camera experience contributed to his success behind the camera. Previously, Alex created social content for Liberty University’s award-winning marketing department. His newly formed production company, Alex Film Productions, creates commercials and social media content for businesses. Bartz has been a licensed private pilot since 17 and is also an avid mountain biker and alpine skier. Alex currently works at Disney’s Yellow Shoes, the internal ad agency for The Walt Disney Company.


  1. Thud Pilots

    Mark Vizcarra / Local Film Showcase, Vietnam War / USA / 2018 / documentary / 84 mins
    No war in American history is more misunderstood than what took place over the bloody skies of North Vietnam in the 1960s. Thud Pilots is the untold story of the men who flew the F-105 THUD over the deadly skies of North Vietnam.

    Preceded by: The Flashback

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Dates & Times

Thud Pilots with The Flashback

Museum of Photographic Arts
September 26, 2018 7:15 pm